Our business is built on service.
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Storm Mitigation Specialists

In troubled times you only want to make one call to do it all. We have available, Debris Removal, Tree Removal, Excavating Services, Landscapers and Home restoration Specialists.


We are a many companies coming together to form one Complete Storm Mitigation force. During the time after a disaster, you don’t want to have to hassle with many different companies, many phone calls, when you can just deal with one. With one phone call, we will try and make it easier and more efficient and effective to bring some normalcy back to your lives. 

Our Services

We have provided experienced Tree Crews that will remove downed or dangerous trees. Chippers and Dump trucks that can haul away unwanted Debris. Landscapers that can repair lawn damage. Home Restoration experts, whom have been in Business over 15 years. In the worst case, we have excavators for demolition.

About the people

Most of our companies are comprised of Career or Volunteer Fire/EMS personnel which speaks loudly for the integrity of the people that will be coming to your home. This is their second jobs. We have been dealing with emergency situations and know that the stress that comes with these types of disasters. We hope to help eliminate some of that stress. One call does it all!

About The Originating Company

In 1989 we started a Company called Jack’s Snow Removal. We started with one truck and have progressed to 40 this past winter. We decided to grow into all around Storm Mitigation Specialists. We have the knowledge and experience through decades, just we didn’t put it together. We all came into alliance last year to form a sort of TASK FORCE for Storm Damage/ Debris removal. We have turned into truly a “one call does it all Contractor”.