After many years of being a Snow Removal Contractor, I decided to open a Snow Removal Equipment store. I wanted to carry most major brands of Snow Removal Equipment that the industry has to offer at a reasonable price. We carry Boss, Western, Downeaster, Snow Dogg, Salt Dogg, SnowEx, Sam Parts and Meyers. We are newly opened with a small retail show room. HOWEVER, we have access to a warehouse that is stocked full of parts for all Major brand named Snow Equipment. If we don't have it in our showroom we can get it sometime same day or next day in most cases.



We also have a Snow Removal Division that is seeking Qualified Sub Contractors for all types of Equipment such as, plows spreaders, Skid steers and sidewalk crews. So in essence you can buy Snow Removal Equipment from us and we will put Qualified Sub Contractors to work. Your one-stop shop.


After many hours of space planning, Many different configurations, many friends opinions, We have our shop up and running.
Started with just an idea, Then progressed to an empty warehouse. (progression pics on the way).
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