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Looking for 20 Subcontracted plow/spreader trucks this year. I already have plenty of work in Northern Virginia, Virginia Beach/Norfolk/Hampton Roads area, Stafford and North Carolina. Trucks have to be F150/1500 or greater, preferably with plows and spreaders, but will take just plows.   Call for Details.
Jacks Removal Service Started in 1980 on a whim to by a snow plow truck. I bought my first snow plow tuck and was so proud of her. It was an old 1971 international scout with a Western plow. Since then we have grown in to a well respected Snow Removal Company in the Northern Virginia area.  We are now expanding into the trucking industry for several reasons; There is a truck shortage and we are looking for a year round income source, that would enhance the services we offer today.

Loading our trucks with bulk salt 
The Trucking side would allow us to haul our bulk products to where we need them. Haul our equipment to the jobs, instead of waiting for some else to haul them. Makes us more self sufficient. 
So The Debris removal side of things - We have been to several larger scale weather related emergencies, Cell tower restorations and debris removal. 
Hurricane Irma Debris Removal Miami/Homestead Fla.
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